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About Company

Branaldi designs and produces packages, sales stands and other support elements of the highest quality. We specialise in products made of cardboard. In recent years we have invested in manufacturing plants in order to offer our customers modern production – quick, effective and of high quality, all of which ensures maximum satisfaction on the part of our customers.


The Branaldi company was founded in 1997. It currently has two manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic for the production of cardboard elements for sales support (POP/POS displays, packages including co-packing).

Other manufacturing plants, such as for digital printing, are found in our foreign branches (Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.). Thanks to this, we are capable of flexibly and effectively responding to the needs of clients all over Europe.

Partners & trends

  • Since 2012 we have been in a strategic partnership with the company THIMM Obaly, thanks to which we are continuing to develop and are building a strong and respected company within Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Keeping up with current trends in sales support and the individual elements thereof is a challenge for the employees of Branaldi, who each day put a lot of work into making our client’s campaigns successful.
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